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The Creature

One day, Lily-May was walking through the park when she saw a creature.  It had yellow eyes, brown shaggy fur, dark green teeth and a thick black tail.  Lily-May was astonished and she decided to take the thing home.

At home, Lily-May gave it some milk and decided to call the thing Bertie.  He followed her to school and everywhere she went Bertie followed her.

One sunny Saturday, Lily-May and Bertie went for a walk in the park.  It was a lovely day for a walk in the park…

5 sentence challenge!

The massive hand is poking out of the ground like it is going to lift the tree to great heights!

I think that hand is a giant weeding his grass (which is the tree to us) so he can surprise his lovely wife.

When it is tea time some fairies slide their slim bodies in through a small crack in the index finger and eat some figs and sausages for tea

But I wonder what’s for dessert?

the giant likes counting out his $1000000000 while singing # Money, Money, Money  must be funny in my castle# over and over again.