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Holiday Writing

For this prompt you can write about your favourite holiday experiences. These can be from the half term coming up or a favourite holiday from the past. Login as usual and create a new post for your writing. Have a lovely week everyone.

Can you write a story?

This week we would like you to write a story of your own. The story can be about anything you like so be creative, descriptive and make it as interesting as you possibly can. Don’t forget to include all of the punctuation you need!

Half term challenge #1

So, half term is almost here and I have a challenge for you. After the excitement of our circus skills this week, I thought you might like to use the following sentence starter as a prompt for a piece of descriptive writing. Here goes:

If I worked at the circus I would…

Be as detailed and adventurous as you like and use the reply button to leave your replies. I can’t wait to read them!

5 Word Friday

So here’s a straight forward challenge. Describe your day today in five words.

Here’s mine to get us going:

Enjoyed celebration assembly very much!

Now over to you…click on Leave a Reply and leave your 5 word answers for us all to see. have fun!