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My Holiday Adventure

It was Friday school had finished it was time for a run at school we were raising money for cancer.Me and My friend Megan were  running together suddenly the whistle went it started eight or four laps of the field Mr. Rockey  said me an meg did eight (breathing) .Finally we got to the end we got a  reward a medal.  My dad took me home it was fun  .

We got home packed our bags and got in the car and seat of to Devon camping we got stuck in a couple of traffic jams however they were no longer than five minutes .Finally we got there my cousins were there. unfortunately after two hours of amazing fun we had to go to bed however it wasn’t to bad because we new that tomorrow would be just as fun .

The next day all of my second cousins on my dads side came down then we had a play got dressed and headed up the camp site to see what was going they were here  yes said Amelia yes I said! Then they put up the tents however the kids let the adults do it all (laughing ) . So today we just stayed at the campsite.

Monday it’s the day the day that I’ve been waiting for eight weeks were going to the back beach it is going to be so much fun we through some things in the car (not literally though) we got there .Jumping of rocks, swimming ,surfing and lots more to do me my dad and Sophie went cannoning and i jumped out and held onto the back of the cannon whilst  it puled me along . Then I nearly got hypothermia because I was so cold .All of the things that I listed i also did.

We got back to the camp and played for hours on end finally it got to half seven we put our pajamas on then played again bear feet  it got to half ten we had to go to bed although it wasn’t to bad because I  was sleeping with Amelia ,Erica,Millie and Sophie . It was fun because we had a midnight feast then we woke up however at half nine in the morning we had to say goodbye too every body. We stayed in till twelve am then we set off to go home.So that Is my fun cool adventure every body.