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Holiday Writing

For this prompt you can write about your favourite holiday experiences. These can be from the half term coming up or a favourite holiday from the past. Login as usual and create a new post for your writing. Have a lovely week everyone.

Maypole Dancers

The animals are dancing to the cheerful violin music.

They are really happy because it’s May and it’s nearly summer time.

The little mouse is wearing a beautiful red dress and she is watching the dancers, while clapping her teeny, tiny paws in time with the music.

There is a little bird with a bright yellow chest, sitting in the tree chirping, “don’t tangle your ribbons!”

What a lovely, merry time they are having,


The heart forest

Once upon a time there was a family of sweeties who lived in a forist. There was a mummy, daddy, a sister called May and a baby called Alice and they loved each other so much.

In the forest also livd a family of choclut and they loved each other too.

On the trees in the forist wer harts.  The harts made the trees look pritty. One day the hearts fell of the trees and the forist looked sad. It was a disaster. They wer all sad but suddenly the hearts came back again and everyone was happy bcos the forist  looked beootifull again.

They all wonted to go for a walk in the forist to see the luvly hearts and be together.  

by May and Alice

Can you write a story?

This week we would like you to write a story of your own. The story can be about anything you like so be creative, descriptive and make it as interesting as you possibly can. Don’t forget to include all of the punctuation you need!