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Marshmallow Land

Once upon a time there was a family of marshmallows. They were very pink. One sunny day they went for a walk. They came to a house made out of gingerbread, sweets, marshmallows, cookies and chocolate. They ate all of the roof and then they were full.

They went inside and they saw a wicked old lady with a very, very, very big green wart on her nose. The old lady wanted to toast the marshmallows on her fire but first she put them in a cage and went to sleep. The marshmallows crept out of the cage by squidging through the gaps and when the wicked lady woke up they were gone.

by May and Alice

5 sentence challenge!

The massive hand is poking out of the ground like it is going to lift the tree to great heights!

I think that hand is a giant weeding his grass (which is the tree to us) so he can surprise his lovely wife.

When it is tea time some fairies slide their slim bodies in through a small crack in the index finger and eat some figs and sausages for tea

But I wonder what’s for dessert?

the giant likes counting out his $1000000000 while singing # Money, Money, Money  must be funny in my castle# over and over again.