2 thoughts on “Half term challenge #2

  1. Lily

    It is now WW1 my friend has just been killed by a German .Other friends were also crying as people were getting killed around them. We needed help but no help came. Suddenly another load of trucks came with fearless men waving the flag of England I could see red, white and blue stripes everywhere on he truck I thought we were winning I realised sadly we were not. We were furious, miserable, grumpy fuming but very determined to win!
    In the corner of my eye, I could see a gigantic plane swoop down to kill us all machine guns at he ready. I was terrible, sad eye watering. The plane opened fire “EVERY BODY DUCK!!!!!!!!!!” shouted Billy ( who was my best mate)
    In he End we won!! My mother and father even Billy were still alive but sadly Mike, Tony, James and Eric died but at least I’ve got billy!

  2. Mr Rockey Post author

    Wow, Lily. This us a powerful piece of writing which creates good emotion. I like your use of adjectives.


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