100 word challenge

This week on 6th March we celebrate WORLD BOOK DAY

The prompt this week is to chose your favourite fairy story and rewrite it in 100 words changing the ending. Make it funny, sad, full or suspense or adventure, but aim high! Good luck!

11 thoughts on “100 word challenge

  1. josh

    once apona time there were some sporty pigs called Frank ,Steven and Wayne . They were allways being chased by a wolf. Saddly the wolf got them when they were running in the woods he said he would only let them go if they beat him in a football mach. The pigs were scared because they hated football and they werent very good at it and knew the wolf and his two friends were the towns star players and they had only been beaten by PSG.

  2. Bella

    Little Red Ridding Hood
    Red ridding hood was on her way to her gran’s cottage, when she met a wolf.”Hello wolf, would you like to come to my gran’s cottage with me?” asked red ridding hood.When they got to her gran’s cottage gran screemed.Suddenly,before gran could stop herself, she acciedently ate the wolf!Far away the wood-cutter herd her and got so stressted (because it was the 3 time of helping her) he lost his hair!From that day on gran lived happily ever after.Red ridding hood never really liked gran ever again.

  3. isaac

    Once upon a time there was a boy called Jack . He lived with his mum and dad and he was very the only animal they had was a grumpy chicken . On thursday night Jack’s dad told him in the clouds there was a castle and that a giant lived in it.
    The next day Jack got his dad’s helicopter and flew miles into the air.Soon he was in the castle
    After that Jack found some shiny,big and precious gold.But the giant saw him so Jack ran for his life .3 minutes later Jack was home hooray hooray hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Freddie

    Onece up on a day a boy called Jack.Jack went over to a homeless man “i got some old magic beans do you wont them.” “Ok”so Jack went home and his mum thrwn the beans out side.”Go to bed”showted mum.After he went to bed he looked out of his certn there was a bean stork

  5. Isabel

    The three little pigs
    Once there lived 3 evil,yong and hairy pigs.One day there mother asked them to go to the market to get some food(it was a human market.)But instead of going to the market they went to annoy the 3 little wolves.
    The first little wolf built a house out of mud with wood on the inside so it didn’t collapss but when the pigs reached the house they just used there caraty and
    choped the house down so the three little pigs moved onto the second house.When they reached the second house they realised that they couldn’t get in so they climbed up the house and they went down the chimny but the 3 wolves were cooking a chocolate cake they fell into the pot and when the 3 wolves had finished cooking the cake they tried some and it seemed a bit bony!

  6. Matilda

    Once upon a time a beautiful young girl named Rapunzel woke up to find her hair was matted. She went to find her hair straighteners and her brush, which was on the window. Suddenly, she slipped. Luckily her long matted hair got tangled on the hook. So after that she went to find her brush somewhere else. Then she tripped over her hair and when her head hit the floor she felt her hair brush but she still needed to find her hair straighteners. Suddenly she went to stand up then she slipped and banged her head…

  7. lilly

    once upon a time, there lived 3 evil pigs called steven, lucus and luis.one day there strict mother told them to go to sainsburrys and get pork but instead of buying pork they baut a mini ipad and installed temple run 2.having decided not to go back home they all built 3 houses.the first pig mud but to keep it up he used bricks.the secound pig lived with the other pig he (used mobile phones)

  8. Dylan

    Once there were free little pigs .They made their own houses but once awolf came! the wolf chased the pigs to a wall and so the pigs were stuck.

    But then super pig came and said ” do you need some help?” The three little pigs escaped. After that the pig
    put the wolf in jail but then one of his freinds got the him out of jail.So the pigs chased the wolf and lived
    happly ever after

  9. theo

    Once upon a time their lived a poor boy with his mum and a pig. The boy’s name was Jack.
    One day Jack found a bowl with a note. It read: Plant me! He planted the glowing beans and went inside.
    The next day his mum said”Go take that ahh!!!! She looked up and saw the bean stalk towering over her . She ran inside running all over the house . Jack secretly climbed the bean stalk and finds an Elf firing arows! Jack quickly but quietly climed down and choped the bean stalk down.

  10. Florence

    Hansel and Gretlel
    Once there was a ritch family Miss and Mr and there two childran Hansel and Gretel . The the family was so ritch and their dad did not like the childran and they were so ritch that they had to send the childran away they had a phone so they would not get lost .On there way they triped on a block of gold and they spent it on a new dress for Gretlel and a new top for Hansel.They called a taxie and it droped them of at 11:00.Mother was happy to see them home safe and sound together!

  11. Sasha

    One day a girl named Rapunzel , lived in the dark and empty forest with her mother , who was called mother Gothel . Every day Rapunzel would get up to find her hair is tangled so she went to find her brush to brush it , it took hours because it was so long . One day she discovered a beautiful painting hidden behind a curtain , it reminded her of asking mother Gothel to watch the lanterns on her birthday . Her mother was so surprised that she said yes to Rapunzel’s question so on the day of her birthday they went out and watched.


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